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Although I did not win THIS race...

...I want to thank all those in the 39th District who voted in this mid-term election – those who voted for Danny as well as those who voted for me. When you vote, you’re voting for yourself and for democracy; I know that both Danny and I appreciate your commitment to the district, county, state, and to the country. I'm disappointed about the vote totals, but I am proud of my positive, issues-focused campaign, AND I am delighted to have met so many amazing people as I walked door-to-door for the past nine months. We're all so fortunate to be living in the 39th District where there are so many good people, good ideas, and a real spirit of neighborliness! I don’t know specifically – yet – how I will be working in the community over the course of the next year, rest assured that I won’t be sitting on the sidelines (no, that wasn’t just a campaign phrase!).

There are many ways we can still “team together” to make the 39th district the best in the state; as in the river above, each positive action we take can have beautiful, far-reaching ripples of impact! I’m grateful for the many types of support you gave me this year, and I’m looking forward to working with you again in and for our community.

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