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About Susan


Hello! My name is Susan Clifford, and I’m running to represent YOU in the 39th State House district, which includes Seaford and Blades. I moved to Seaford over 20 years ago to enjoy the warmer weather in Spring, Summer, and Fall that makes this area such a wonderful place to live! And I specifically looked for a home in an agricultural community in southern DE to remind me of my childhood community of small-production dairy farmers. (I even brought my jersey cows, Bella and Foxy, with me from NY to DE.)

I come from a blue-collar household, like many of us in Seaford and Blades, in that rural farm community in New York state.  I worked hard growing up, and, as the oldest, I shared in taking care of my 7 sisters and brothers. Always an optimistic and forward-looking person, I was the first in my family to graduate high school and later the first to graduate from college (and then graduate school!). I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education as well as a Master of Science degree in Special Education. I'm a retired educator now, but I spent my career, in both New York and Delaware school systems, making my classroom an exciting place that inspired children's curiosity and creativity with many hands-on activities and that fostered kindness and communication skills with interpersonal interactions. Although I'm no longer working in a classroom, I'm still working on activities and issues that affect me as an American, a Delawarean, a mom, a grandmother (of 11!), and a proud resident of the 39th District.

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