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Susan's Values & Vision

My values are likely no different than most people in our District: demonstrating integrity and honesty; resolving differences and conflicts through peaceful and collaborative means; living and working with others to achieve community goals; respecting, celebrating, and strengthening equality within the community; and looking for ways to serve the greater good.

I want to represent our communities in and around Seaford and Blades in the General Assembly because my lived experiences here have made me appreciate how well the communities' members can come together for the common good and how the communities have become more vibrant and stronger as they've grown and diversified.

I believe the Representative's role is to listen to and stand up for all the District's voters and residents: people of color as well as descendants of Europeans; wealthy residents as well as residents with limited income; voters in homes with public water as well as those in homes using wells; residents living on our rural roads as well as residents living on our towns' streets; and women as well as men.

I believe our communities need a new voice in the State House who reaches out and listens to all constituents for ideas on improving our lives; who wants to make changes possible; who wants to be held accountable for working hard in the House every day; and who has the values and perspective - as a mother, grandmother, educator, and community ally - to make sure laws and policies are constructive for future generations, not just ours.

I believe that if residents do me the honor of voting for me for Representative on November 8, 2022, we can "team together" to make District 39 an even more amazing place to live, work, play, learn, worship, and raise our families.

Ballotpedia is a national, non-partisan organization with a mission to deliver "unbiased information to educate and inspire American voters". I recently completed Ballotpedia's 2022 candidate survey. Here is a link to Ballotpedia's website where you can see my responses:

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